Sunday, January 21, 2018

WP-Mass-Defacer-From-Symlink (Not Just Another Auto Title Changer)

Why is it better than other scripts?

  It does not change the homepage title.
  It creates a new page for defacing. [Not Homepage]
  It can spoof .html extension of the post to trick mirror sites believe its a html file. like (
  It can change title of sites with static title, where many other auto title changers fail.
  It does less harm!

Usage for Aliens:

  Put the location of symlinked config files in "- CONFIG FILES LOCATION -" box.
  put title of the page in "- PAGE TITLE -" box.
  put any html filename in "- FILE NAME -" box.
  put Html or Text in "POST CONTENTS" box. (don't add single quotes in that box! else it will fail)
  Hit "!!Change Them!!" button.